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Have We Lost Our Minds?

Posted by Doug White under Political

Ok, I know that I am probably naive and that my own personal, moral beliefs may be a bit antiquated in this 21st century world I live in, but I just had to question this when I read this unbelievable article. (,2933,478924,00.html)

In this article, there is apparently some controversy around the fact that some people do not want people identified as “transgenders” going into bathrooms of the opposite sex. And since – at least to me – it is confusing to even identify which sex we are talking about here with individuals who are transgenders, I’m referring to the opposite of the sex of what the individual was born as. So apparently, in this Florida town, if an individual was born a man, and decides he is actually a woman, he has a right to use a woman’s public bathroom. And vice versa for the individual born as a woman who feels she is actually a man.

Like I said, I’m sure my own beliefs are a bit antiquated here, but normally I consider myself somewhat tolerant. I don’t approve of homosexuality, but I have never judged anyone who is. A very good friend of mine from about 20 years ago was a homosexual. I never tried to “change” him, I never tried to talk him out of his lifestyle. If he asked me how I felt about it though, I was honest and told him I thought it was wrong. But people do wrong things all the time (as do I) so I never felt it was my place to judge someone elses actions.

But this takes it a step too far. Honestly, I don’t know much about transgenders, as a matter of fact I was unaware that they were a “protected” group in the same sense that we protect others from discrimination based on race, sex, etc. But equally honest, knowing any more about them will not change my perspective here.

What this is asking of people is to allow themselves and their children to be subjected to the possibility of being in a situation where they could be exposed to people who really are physically of the opposite sex. It’s just plain wrong.

I have two wonderful girls. The thought of being in public and having them need to use a bathroom and then witness a man walk into that bathroom and my not being able to do anything about it makes my blood boil. I can’t imagine why anyone would think this is acceptable.

The video they show in the news article is truthfully using a scare tactic to make people nervous about this. From what I understand, someone who is a transgender individual would not be dressed as a man. However, the video does have a very substantial impact, as it should. Whether anyone likes this or not, allowing something like this to happen is going to open up all sorts of possibilities for something bad to happen – such as pedophiles going in to bathrooms by pretending to be a transgender individual or even a man who just wants to see women in such a situation.

I understand our country is moving away from religious view points on many issues, which is unfortunate. But I am able to live with that for the most part. But, come on, even from a non-religious point of view, this has got to sound wrong! Is there a reason a third type of bathroom can’t be invented?

There has got to be another way to resolve issues like this. I look at my little girls and am so concerned that we have really lost our minds in this country in our attempt to be fair to everyone.

NOTE: This was originally published by myself on my old HubPages account on 1/10/2009.

Only A Number, My Eye!

Posted by Doug White under Personal

I went to the doctor’s office yesterday to talk to her about a problem I’ve been having with my left thigh. I have been feeling a numbing and tingling pain in a localized spot for some time.

The doctor thinks I may have something called Meralgia Paresthetica (a big name for “numbing pain in thigh”). She is setting me up to see a neurologist next week, but she also sent home with me some information on this. As I was reading through this, I came across the following line:

In addition, middle-aged people between the ages of 40 and 60 are at a higher risk.

This hit me in a way I hadn’t planned on. See, I’m 39. I’ll be 40 very soon. Middle-aged? Me? When in the world did that happen?

Yes, I’ve been married for 15 years. I have two kids, one is over 10 years old. But that doesn’t make me old does it? Sure, I’ve done a lot of things…I was in the Marines but that was only, uh, well, about 20 years ago. Oh boy. I know adults who were still in diapers when I was in the Marines. Am I really old?

When I turned 30, I remember thinking that was bad. After all, when I was a kid, 30 seemed ancient! But a few months ago, we had a guy start at our office who was 30 and my first thought was he was pretty young! When did my perspective change on that?

I don’t feel 40. I still like to do goofy, childish things. I can relate to stuff my kids do. When my wife and I took them to DisneyWorld a few years ago, I probably had just as much fun as they did. And it wasn’t that long ago that I remember going with friends of mine out into the woods to play a game of laser tag one night. That was less than 5 years ago.

40. I look at people who are 40 and they seem older than me. I have a hard time imagining myself as a 40-something. They say it’s only a number and they are right. The problem is, it’s a really big number!

There is a boy of 19 inside of me just screaming to get out. If he can only get past the dimming eyesight, sore knees and bad back, he’d be ready and raring to go!

NOTE: This was originally published by myself on my old HubPages account on 1/7/2009.

My wife and I met through a mutual friend. I went to school with this woman and my wife knew her from beauty school. We were both invited to her house one night to watch movies. What my wife apparently was unaware of was that this woman was trying to set her up, because she invited three guys over to the house for this very reason and I was the one who took the bait!

We started dating soon after that, and I became quite smitten with her very quickly. By the time the first Valentines Days came around, I knew I wanted to do something special. So I went to her workplace when she was at lunch and I decorated it with Flowers, banners and her favorite candy – Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. I even wrote her the following poem:

     Every year this days is set aside
     to tell the ones we love how we feel.
     But you, my dear, my soon-to-be bride,
     won't have to wait to know my loves for real.
     You've opened my eyes to a brand new world
     and shown me a a great opportunity,
     that God can exit within my love for a girl
     and that He adds a lot to that loves purity.
     A lifetime ahead of us, you and I,
     through which we will have plenty of time to share
     our love.  But I promise that before I die
     you'll know repeatedly just how much I care.
     So while this day can be special to us,
     it's only one day, this valentine.
     But each and every day, you can trust
     that I'll ask you "Honey, will you be mine?"

Yes, it’s corny but I was young and in love…

So, anyways, six months later we were married and on our way to a lifetime of bliss as the poem describes. (ok, so the corniness hasn’t gone away with age). Valentines day rolled around as it always does and my wife I’m sure was awaiting it with great anticipation. After all, her new husband and former fiance had done so well the previous year right?

She comes home that night and I hand her my gift. This year, I had – for some unknown reason of which I couldn’t begin to try to explain even today – skipped past the candy and flowers. So the gift is obviously going to be awesome, right? Right?

She opened the gift and staring back at her was a — book. Not a romantic book, mind you, but one about — the Civil War. See, I knew she was interested in the Civil War and I had seen this fictional book on the Civil War and was sure she’d love it.

I was SO wrong. It apparently a very, very, very (did I say very?) badly written book. I learned very quickly that no matter how much a woman loves you, buying her a book (and a bad one at that) is not a way to her heart.

If I have saved one man out there from making the same mistake I did, then I have done my job here…it’s been 15 years and the memory of that first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife is still forever etched in my mind – mainly because I’ve never been allowed to forget it!

NOTE: This was originally published by myself on my old HubPages account on 1/5/2009.