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There are a lot of times that I have written these hubs and exclaimed my discomfort or frustration with the liberal mentality or more specifically, our current Commander-In-Chief. When they are – in my opinion – wrong, I feel like I should say something. But today, I think we may have to step back just a bit and re-analyze our latest protest against President Obama and see if maybe we didn’t jump the gun.

Today, President Obama spoke to school-age children across the country. When this was announced last week, people around the country got very concerned – and in my mind – understandably so. We had no information on what he was speaking about and the only information we had was from the Department of Education website which had documents that contained questions they wanted the schools to ask the children. Questions such as “What should you do to help the President?” are very disconcerting to see being asked of someone who is 5 years of age.

We already have numerous reports of school systems that are teaching kids at a young age that homosexuality is normal (when many still believe it isn’t) and global warming is a reality (when many scientists argue against it) and so on. We even have the United Nations telling us they recommend that kids as young as FIVE should be taught about masturbation. It’s easy to get concerned when a philosophy is placed before kids because that philosophy was not convincing to the adults. It’s easy to be concerned that this might be a form of indoctrination.

I know an individual who is very, very liberal in his beliefs. I do not hate this person. In fact, I enjoy his company quite a bit. He’s highly amusing and very enjoyable to be around. We even share a few of the same interests. But his philosophical beliefs literally “freak me out”. Because of this, there is no way I would ever allow this person to instruct my children – in any context.

President Obama has some very radical beliefs. Yes, he is the President, but his beliefs are probably as radical and extreme as any President we’ve ever had. It was not hard to think that the speech might be one that is simply not appropriate to be given to children. Especially after I read the questions in the documents on that website and saw what they wanted to ask the kids.

Because of that, I made the request that my children be excused from this speech. I did this before the holiday weekend and before any content of the speech was made public. I did this based only on the information I had.

The questions being asked of the kids were modified after concern about this speech became public. And then the speech was made public as well. I read it and it was not a bad speech. In fact, it probably was a very – shall I say – conservative speech. He discussed how not every kid is going to make millions of dollars being a rapper or by being in some other celebrity career and that it is up to them to study hard, apply themselves and do everything they can to be the best they can be.

That’s not a bad speech for a President – any President – to give. And with the change in the questions, I might have been willing to allow my kids to hear it – but by the time I found out enough information about the speech it was really too late. Did my kids miss out? Probably. Would less people have been concerned if we would have just been told what he was planning to say? Definitely. Did the speech change because of the concern – as did the questions? Maybe, but that’s not a bad thing if it did.

For those who mocked those of us who were concerned and requested our kids be excused, it truly is none of your concern. Those of you who even went so far as to suggest we don’t have the right to parent our own kids if we pull them out, really ought to be ashamed. I do not begrudge ANYONE who decides that something is not acceptable for their kids, even if I totally disagree.

Parenting is a tough job, and there are so many belief-sets out there that contradict others that it is extremely difficult at times to raise your children the way you think is best. Even within my own religious denomination, it can be tough to weed through to the proper spiritual mindset and get past the extremists who seem to want to shove their opinion in your face. For someone else who disagrees with you to comment that because of that disagreement you shouldn’t be a parent is a very dangerous mentality to start having in this country.

That being said, I think that in situations such as what happened with the President today, that if his subordinates could be more forthcoming with their information and if those of us who typically disagree with him could keep a more open mind that everyone will ultimately be the better for it.

NOTE: This was originally published by myself on my old HubPages account on 9/08/2009.