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Twelve Days Of Hope

Posted by Doug White under Political

Although I am not a supporter of President Obama or many of his political beliefs and principles, I have repeatedly tried to keep an open mind about him.  I was intrigued by his campaign last year and how he managed to best a woman, who by all intents and purposes should have been the Democratic nominee for President.  For years, Hillary Clinton, seemed to be the “nominee” by default for the Democratic party and here comes this young man out of nowhere to pull her from the top of that particular ladder and take her place.

I watched with a little trepidation as the media seemed to ignore things that they used to salivate for in regards to any politician, Democratic or Republican. His ties with Acorn, his relationship with Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright-all seemed at least worthy of some consideration and news organizations over and over tended to dismiss them as irrelevant but would spend enormous amount of time on the fact that Sarah Palin may have acted improperly in regards to a loser ex-brother-in-law who may have threatened her family.

Then he got elected.  Well, it was probably inevitable, many were upset by the Bush years and many were ready for the opportunity to elect the first African-American President. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In some ways, I saw it as another step in what Abraham Lincoln started so many years ago.

Then just weeks after he was elected, a school in New York renames itself after Barack Obama. Huh?  I thought this was very premature.   (

Then he takes office.  I watch over and over as people seem to be so enamored with this man, that absolutely nothing he does penetrates through. 

He signs a stimulus bill that no one reads and that allows for executives to get bonuses, that he and the ones who wrote the bill then chastise them for taking. 

He puts a man in charge of our treasury who cheated on his taxes.

Then he travels across the world calling us “dismissive” and “derisive”. 

The organization he worked with for years is seen on video in numerous cities offering illegal advice to people.  This after they were already being looked at for voter fraud.

And then finally all these czars.  He puts one man into power who is a self-proclaimed communist, one who wants to allow forced sterilization, another who wants to allow animals to sue people.  But the scariest one of all is a man appointed to keep our schools safe is one who counsels young kids to wear condoms when having sex with adults, writes a forward for a book on the “queering of America” and looks to a man as a source of inspiration who associated himself with one of the most disgusting vile groups I’ve ever heard of (Nambla).

All of this happens and almost none of it is looked at with any great scrutiny by the media or by many people. It’s surprising when that much controversy can exist around someone and it seems as almost no one cares.  But I thought that maybe it was just this country and the gushing admiration that so many people seem to have for this man.

And then here comes the Nobel Peace prize.  Suddenly it occurs to me that people across the whole planet have this unbelievable fascination with this man.   How in the world did President Obama win an award for peace with his accomplishments of just 12 days?  From what I can tell they gave him this award for the “hope” he brings to the table with his talks and plans for the future.

I don’t really know what to think. There is a part of me that does think that this is good for our country.  But there is another part of me that just is very perplexed by why people fawn over this man with an obsession that is borderline cult-like?

I always think we should respect and honor our President.  But it should be done with objectivity.  Which it seems fewer and fewer people have anymore in regards to this particular President.  In twelve days, we gave this man an honor that he obviously didn’t earn.  I’m concerned about what are we willing to do next?

NOTE: This was originally published by myself on my old TownHall account on 10/11/2009.