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Advertising Life Is A Controversy?

Posted by Doug White under Political

When it comes to football, I have to admit, I don’t watch it.  EVER.  The interest in this sport is completely wasted on me as is the big hype around the Superbowl each year.  In college, I was usually the guy who volunteered to work so others could go and see the “Big Game”.

Despite not being a fan of football or the Super Bowl, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard the big deal that is made about the Super Bowl  commericials.  Ads of all shapes and sizes compete for the attention of football fans and their wallets.  The costs of these ads are astronomical but apparently the return on the investment is quite large.

This year there was an apparent controversy that stemmed from a commercial put together by Focus on the Family about a football player named Tim Tebow.  The short 30 second ad is from the mother’s perspective and really just talks about how she almost lost him when she was pregnant.  There’s a brief humorous part at the end where he comes in and “tackles” her.  It really does nothing more than celebrate life and the relationship between mother and son.

I am forever amazed by what people will get offended by. The weeks before this ad came out, pro-choice people came out of the woodworks complaining that CBS was showing this ad.  Why?  Because the mother had apparently been told when she was pregnant that she may have to get an abortion and she chose not to and these people felt that somehow this would be an affront to a “woman’s right to choose”.  Isn’t the ability to choose NOT to have an abortion, also a “woman’s right to choose”?

Watching the ad (Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad), there is no mention of abortion, pro-life, pro-choice or any other term that deals with the controversial topic.  It’s a nice, simple ad that Focus on the Family put together.  There’s nothing that anyone should have any problem over.

But alas, some people cannot be happy unless they are unhappy about something.  The president of NOW – Terry O’Neill – who could not find an issue from a pro-life point of view decided to switch tactics and go after the ad in regards to the “tackle” Tim does of his mother.  She claims it promotes domestic violence.

Interesting…it promotes domestic violence?  So what about this ad?  (Betty White Snickers Ad) Does it promote violence towards the elderly?  Of course not, that’s just stupid.  It was just a cute ad – as was the Tebow one.

Back in September, conservatives around the country got extremely upset about President Obama giving a speech to school children.  Liberals thought they were over-reacting…and in this case, liberals were right.  I even wrote about this (President Obama’s Speech) and commented that we needed to keep more of an open-mind when considering points of view that we disagree with.

I think the same thing can be said here.  There is NO reason why people should have been upset by this ad – whether it was over its original purpose or over the supposed violent “tackle” shown in the ad itself.  Those who were upset about this really should re-think why they were upset.  As I did back in September they need to realize that sometimes being afraid to see alternative points of view really does not show a strength in your own views, but rather a weakness that is blaringly obvious to all open-minded people around you.