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South Dakota’s Abortion Fight

Posted by Doug White under Political

Today South Dakota passed a bill into law that requires that a woman who is getting an abortion must wait 72 hours and speak to a counselor .  It puts South Dakota into the unique position of being the state with the longest waiting period in the entire country.

I don’t have a strong opinion on this bill overall.   We require counseling before filing for bankruptcy (; in Montana they are considering a bill to require couples with children to undergo counseling before getting a divorce (  And let’s not forget that depending on whom you believe, our wondrous new Government Health Care plan may or may not require end of life counseling.  So requiring counseling before major health decisions or other major life decisions are made is not that abnormal.

But I also don’t think the wait is going to do much to dissuade someone from having an abortion if she decides she wants one.  So like I said, I don’t really have a strong opinion on this particular bill.

What I do take exception to is the idea that there is a belief that because I am a man, I have no right to even voice an opinion on this issue.  That’s garbage.  I know that many women would like to make this an issue about women’s rights only but it simply is not just an issue of that.  There is a LIFE involved that is being terminated who gets absolutely no say in what happens to them.  My opinion on the taking of that life is just as important as any woman’s. 

This abortion counseling bill was not decided by men, it was decided by a group of representatives we voted into office of which five who voted for it were women.  So it’s not men trying to force women to do something.  Ironically, I never hear this argument when we stop and think that the Supreme Court – who decided abortion was ok way back in the 1970’s – was a group of men at the time.  At that point it was ok that men had a say but apparently not now.

I do not apologize for the belief that abortion is quite simply murder.  We have legalized the extermination of a life form and covered it up in terms of “pro-life”, “pro-choice”, women’s rights”, etc.  It is a human rights issue on a grand scale.  Since 1973 we have ended the life of nearly 46 million people.  That simply blows my mind.

The arguments for and against abortion have been hashed out ad nauseum.   I hear all the time about the “rape” and “incest” arguments and to be honest, I am hesitant on my beliefs on abortion when it comes to these two types.  But I can get absolutely no one to tell me the percentage of abortions that are done based on “rape” and “incest”.  I am guessing that it is not a high percentage but it is the most used argument by people who are for abortion.

I also do not buy the argument that because I don’t make a special point of helping those in need that I have no right to take a stand on this issue.  I do not believe that we should take a blind eye to spousal abuse, but this doesn’t mean I take every abused spouse into my home or provide for them.    I abhor the idea of pedophilia but that doesn’t mean every sexually abused child is now going to be taken care of by me.  I think it’s a great idea to help people out who are in need but if you don’t it doesn’t negate your beliefs even a little bit.

I am all for helping people, I am all for educating and trying to do whatever we can to make the need for less abortions necessary.  I think those are good things.  But I also think that people need to take responsibility for themselves.  If you enter into a consensual sexual relationship you do so at the risk of becoming pregnant.  If this is not something you are ready for, then don’t have sex!  I don’t understand why this is a difficult thing. If you get pregnant, then you and your partner are now responsible for the life you have created.  No one else should be responsible.  Sure people can help, but it was your choice and terminating that life because you can’t handle the decision you made is in my mind very wrong.

Abortion for me is a very big issue.  I won’t vote for a politician who supports it – ever.  I will fight any attempt to make me pay for it.  I will resist in any way being involved in it at all.  It may be legal but it is in no way moral.  So while I may not think this particular bill that South Dakota has passed today will be of much help, I applaud South Dakota for being in the forefront of the Abortion fight.