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I’ve tackled this issue in a previous blog but it continues to rear its ugly head and so here I am again.

Recently we found out that Obama-Care dictates to organizations that they must provide birth control to women who work for them.  This includes Catholic organizations which is a problem because Catholicism teaches against birth control.  I don’t agree with those teachings, but I respect it.

There was a huge firestorm – as there should be – about religious freedoms being suppressed and Obama then switched it to indicate insurance companies will pay for those birth control needs.  Problem solved right? No.  First of all – how is it that the President can just change the law on a whim?  I thought we had a process for that?  Also – what about Catholic organizations that are self-insured?  What about insurance companies that are run by Catholic churches?  Finally, do we really believe that making insurance companies pay for it will really prevent the cost from being fed back to the Catholic organizations?

This whole issue of birth control being restricted by Republicans is a smoke-screen at best and a downright lie at worst.  Not one person is saying that we should ban birth control.  Not one.  What they are saying is that an organization who teaches that birth control is wrong – should not have to pay for it.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get it through other means.  It’s apparently relatively inexpensive and some organizations even offer it for free.

What this is – make no mistake – is a direct assault on the teachings of one particular faith.  Some people do not agree that the Catholic Church has the right to teach birth control is wrong and so therefore they feel they have the right to tell that Church to do otherwise.

For those that argue that 98% of Catholic women use birth control and thereby argue the teachings of the Catholic Church are being ignored, let me ask you this.  If that is true, doesn’t that by definition mean that those 98% of women have no difficulty getting birth control?  And even if it is true, what you are arguing for is your right to tell a Catholic Church they have no right to teach something because many women disagree with it.  That is not your right.  You have the right to that opinion; you do not have a right to tell them they can’t teach that belief system.  That is why I believe those of you who do are purposely trying to attack a religion and take away their freedoms.

This also gets into the idea of feminism and I will admit to something here.  While I believe in equality for all – I absolutely abhor feminism.  I always have.  Why?  Because at its core, feminism has never been about equality for women.  It’s about revenge and proving that you somehow are better than a man.  Most feminists will not be happy until all men everywhere are in some form of submission to women, out of rage over many years of inequality.  While I admit that inequality has been an issue and to varying degrees can still be an issue – feminism at its most extreme does not want to equalize the situation, it wants to crush the opposite side.   That’s not equality – that’s vengeance.

I will admit that our side has made some stupid blunders recently in our fight against mandated birth control costs, abortion etc.  The first instance was in Virginia.  They attempted to pass a law that would require that in order to get an abortion a woman must get a trans-vaginal ultrasound.  This involves a device being inserted into a woman’s vagina – against her will.  That’s obscene. I hate abortion with a passion, I truly believe its murder, but I don’t think you win any arguments here by forcing women into such a situation.  And for those who say that a TVU is not in the law – get real – the TVU is the only way that you can accomplish what is being required in that law.  Conservatives are very wrong on this in Virginia.

Secondly, when they held their first hearings on the birth control mandate, we didn’t allow one woman to testify.  Nothing like showing we aren’t a bunch of male chauvinistic pigs like keeping the lady-folk out of the testimony.  We screwed up there too.

So then we get to this week and a woman does get a chance to testify.  Sandra Fluke, a woman who attends law school in Georgetown got her opportunity to speak about this issue.  (  The school she goes to is a Jesuit school and does not provide birth control in their health care plan.  (I didn’t even know colleges had health care plans for their students.)  And so she testified about the costs and the issues women she knows are facing.

I couldn’t disagree with her more – based on the arguments that I’ve already outlined.  Her costs of $3000 come out roughly to $30 a month.  Am I supposed to believe she or women at that college can’t afford $30 a month?  Several years ago, I was whining about some cost of $30 a month to a friend of mine and he just looked at me unsympathetically and asked, “Do you have cable TV?”  When I said yes, he asked how much that came to – and I said thirty dollars (small town, several years ago – it was relatively cheap back then).  He then just said something that has stuck with me for years – “If you can afford cable TV, then I have no sympathy for your current financial struggle.”

My Dad is an Air Force veteran.  When I and my sisters were young, he was making so little money he qualified for food stamps.  We were so poor that at one point, all we could afford to eat is mustard sandwiches.  We couldn’t go to McDonald’s daily.  We didn’t have two cars; we didn’t own a Wii, a Droid or every season of our favorite television show.  We were eating mustard sandwiches.  Until you’re at that point, Ms. Fluke, I don’t have any sympathy for your $30 a month cost for birth control.

Just for the record, my Dad – who was promised free health care after serving over 20 years in the military has seen his costs of health care go up every year and will go up again significantly here very soon.  Why?  To help pay for Obama-Care (  So my Dad – who was promised something after he fulfilled his end of the bargain, will no longer have what he was promised so that a third year law student can have free birth control that costs her a whopping $30 a month.

Now a big controversy erupted when Rush Limbaugh insinuated that Ms. Fluke was a slut because she wanted someone else to pay for her birth control.  Personally, I don’t like name calling – on either side.  It doesn’t help our argument.  But let’s be honest here.  There are women who want birth control to be paid for – not because they have health issues – but simply because they feel they deserve it.

Recently I read a woman’s comments on Twitter that said this exactly, “But I’d want it covered because I have SEX. I am a normal human. Humans have sex. Not because it makes my periods lighter.”  This is just outside of my realm to understand.  The act of sex thus implies to this woman that she should get her contraception for FREE.

Let me phrase to deal with my own life.  “I want food covered, because I EAT.  I am a normal human.  Humans eat.”  Or “I want a house covered, because I LIVE.  I am a normal human.  Humans need shelter”.  And so on and so on.

This is only going to get worse as time goes on and is because we are becoming a society where everyone wants everything paid for by someone else.  We want a government to force that we pay for those things for other people – but we want that same government to stay out of our lives.  We live in the world of gimme, gimme, gimme and frankly I find it revolting.

I am raising two girls.  I will never treat them anything other than equal.  I don’t buy into the idea that they can’t have the same career or life choices that I had.  But I won’t teach them that because they are a woman they are somehow entitled to something different or have everything in their life be free.  I want them to work hard, struggle to some degree (although as their Dad I’d love to prevent some of that struggle but know it’s not good for them to do so) and hopefully ultimately succeed in life based on their own merits.  Anything else in my mind is a huge disservice to them.  In my mind, that’s how true feminism should really be – not what I’m seeing in the nation today.