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The Tax That Wasn’t

Posted by Doug White under Political

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I have not ever been a fan of ObamaCare.   Before today’s ruling, I understood the implications of the Supreme Court deciding to uphold the law based on the idea that the individual mandate could be accepted as a part of the Commerce Clause.  I didn’t like that idea, but I understood and made my peace with that possibility.

I was not prepared emotionally I guess for the idea that the Supreme Court would define it as a TAX.  It may be splitting hairs, but I guess that one decision hit me harder than anything else.  It seems so…dishonest.  “No, it’s not legal for government to order you to buy a product, but it is legal for government to tax you in order for the product to be bought.”

I’m struck by the absurdity of this.  For months before we got this bill that even today – almost no one ON THE PLANET knows what is in it – we were told that this mandate was not a tax.  They argued in court that it was not a tax.  And yet it’s now decided by a court of 9 people that it is a tax.

That fundamentally changes what this country’s government is able to do.  We have now set a precedent that any product can be forced upon the citizenry because we can be taxed to have it provided.  I know people scoff at the idea of being “forced to buy broccoli”.  But are you ok with a tax to ensure that everyone drives a “green-car”?  What about an “obesity tax” – which exists in other countries?  How about changing that “obesity tax” into a tax for gym membership?  After all, not everyone currently has access to a good place to exercise productively.

I’m not overly familiar with all tax laws, but I’m curious…is there any other tax we currently have that is taken by the government but turned around and given to a business (i.e. insurance companies)?  I don’t honestly know but I can’t think of any.  This seems completely new to me.  How is that not forcing us to buy a product?

So many questions arise from this.  We’re now forced to buy insurance.  What if we aren’t employed?  How do they force a person to pay then?  How about churches? Aren’t they tax-exempt?  If this is a tax, can they be forced to provide health care insurance for their employees – or even be forced to pay the fine?  Has anyone thought any of this through?  The implications of this now being classified a tax are in my mind just overwhelming.

I also can’t tell you how tired I am of the argument of “well, you’re forced to buy car insurance” argument.  You aren’t forced to buy insurance if you don’t own a car! The argument is not equitable and it is foolish in its entirety.

Many people on the left classify those on the right as being against taxes.  That’s not true at all. Taxes are a fundamental need of any government.  But our country has become a parasite in its need for more and more taxes.  And for those who think this tax will be strictly for health care need to look only at the “locked-box” known as social security to see that our government will not honor the commitments it makes with us.  Social security is no longer used for just the purposes it was intended.  50 years from now neither will the ObamaCare tax.

The mandate is a tax.  A tax that was sold to us as not a tax is now a tax. How can anyone hear that and find that an acceptable answer for any solution from our government?  I understand the hype of this next comment, but I truly believe the America I woke up to this morning is not the same one that exists now as I go to bed tonight.