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I’ve thought about writing this before. I’ve been hesitant to do so because I’ve learned in this day and age, political affiliation has become something like a cult and there is no amount of words that can be said to some that will ever convince them that the candidate they support isn’t disgusting and bad for this country.

But, seriously, enough.



Politically, I tend to lean to the Right. I’m fairly conservative, but have some libertarian leanings. I believe, mostly, that we should leave people alone to do the things they wish to do, regardless of what I may think of those activities myself. That is, as long as they are not hurting others. That last statement is why I can’t fully support the Libertarian movement as they are pro-choice and that most definitely hurts millions of babies every year. But, I digress.

As, a conservative, I was a Republican for decades. With the exception of a silly, youthful decision to vote for Ross Perot in the 90’s, I’ve voted the Republican ticket on every election from 1988 to 2012. But, I saw in the last eight years, that our Republican party is no longer conservative and has done almost nothing to try to prevent Barack Obama from doing the things he wants to do to this country. Even electing the Tea Party did little to nothing to prevent the destructive policies of President Obama. The Republican Party talked a good line, but all they really cared about, much like the Democratic Party – was to be re-elected. And we, as a people, continue to fall for it – every single time.

For me, it became too much and I withdrew from the GOP and registered as an Independent. I planned to continue to vote conservative wherever I could, but was going to try to take a more honest look at candidates before I gave them my vote.

Along comes the 2016 election. I saw the Democratic Party veer in two directions. One, in the form of Bernie Sanders, an old, grouchy guy who seemed to resonate with younger voters because, if I had to guess, he was promising them all sorts of free stuff. His policies veered wildly towards socialism and the fact that this country came perilously close to making him the nominee, frankly scares the crap out of me. Mark my words, that mentality isn’t going away people. It’ll be back full force someday and if we don’t do better with our children, that will be the American Way soon.

The second way was in the form of Hillary Clinton – someone I’ve been saying for years, will be the next President of the United States. But the fact that she will be, should be rather shocking to anyone who lived in the 90’s during the tenure of her husband’s Presidency. If, for no other reason, then the sheer amount of sexually disgusting acts of him and her determined efforts to destroy the women her husband attacked.

But, she has her own things to answer for as well – even if she never will. Her lack of help as Secretary of State to those who needed it in Benghazi will forever in my mind cast her as evil. Her ignoring the laws in regards to having a private email server that contained classified information, as well as her destruction of emails that she was ordered to provide is purely criminal, despite her getting completely away with it when the FBI said that anyone else would be charged, but they are choosing not to in her case.

And there are many, many others. But in the Democratic Party, the fact that she is a woman, holds sway over any sort of sane reasoning to actually determine if she’s capable of leading this country (she is not).

Frankly, I was looking forward to seeing who the Republican Party would send to go against Clinton.

  • Cruz – uh, ok…I like him, still a bit new to the field, but ok…

  • Fiorina – ok…interesting. I’d like to learn more.

  • Walker – good choice, interest…wait, he’s out?

  • Rubio – yes. This guy is good. Keep going GOP…

  • Paul – Like him. He’ll never win.

  • Carson – likable…but as a politician, he makes a good surgeon.

  • Huckabee – eight years ago, great candidate. Now, he’s just looking to cash in.

  • Bush – oh dear God. Have we learned nothing?

  • Christie – Blowhard. Literally.

  • Trump – uh,huh?

No way. Trump, can’t win the nomination. Right? After all, he’s the guy who keeps claiming he’d run, almost did four years ago, and told us how the “blacks love him”. This guy is a buffoon. Sure, he makes a great reality show leader on The Apprentice, but President? No way.

I watched, in fascination, as the world let Trump literally take over the process. No one talked about anyone the way they talked about him. He was all anyone talked about.

Then he said something that was a turning point for me. He told people that John McCain, a man who spent years as a prisoner of war was not a hero because he was captured. ( Wait, what? McCain was captured so he wasn’t a hero? Ok, NOW people will stop supporting this man.

His support went up.

It was at that point, I knew I would most likely not vote for him. Not that I have any personal love for John McCain, but he, and many, many others ARE heroes for the time they suffered at the hands of our enemies FOR OUR COUNTRY. For goodness sake, Trump insulted our soldiers, and he has never served ONE DAY for this country. NOT ONE.

But, trying to keep my mind open, I started looking at what policies he wanted to implement as President. Let’s start with one that I am most passionate about. He was pro-choice until a mere 5 years ago. Then as a part of his candidacy for 2016, he suddenly becomes pro-life. Yet, in the span of days, he changed his position on abortion three times. And that was this year.

Changing his mind on policies is the norm for him. He has absolutely no coherent plan on any issue. Don’t believe me? Read this ( His political stands change so fast it’s almost dizzying. Even his signature policy, building a wall and banning Muslims has changed many times.

It became very clearly to me very quickly that Trump is not a conservative. He is what liberals assume conservatives are. He’s a liberal playing a conservative and the Republican party was falling for it. It was at this point, I became part of the #NeverTrump crowd. I won’t vote for someone without conservative principals. Trump has none.

He won the nomination. There’s a whole other article to write about how he and Hillary won because our electoral process is insane, convoluted and not in the best of interests of the American people. I probably won’t ever write it, because…most people don’t care. It’s the way it is, and no one cares that most of them have absolutely no say in the nomination process at all.

But, as I said, he won. As did Hillary. What’s a guy to do in this situation? Look at Gary Johnson? Hmm…maybe.


Nope. Gary Johnson is a walking example of why marijuana should probably stay illegal.

I resigned myself to not voting for any candidate, something I have never done since I was legally able to vote.

But, I continued to watch with morbid interest as Trump’s support grew. How, as he became obsessed with Twitter, that he would post the most outrageous statements and his support…continued to grow.

Then, as Hillary collapsed at a 9-11 event, blamed it on pneumonia, hugged a child the same day in a photo op and possibly exposed the young girl to her sickness (if she really had it), something occurred to me.

Trump may win.

I was filled with as much dread with that thought as I was with Hillary. He might win.

As the first Presidential debate came on, his numbers had even surpassed hers. Watching the debate though, another thought came back. This guy is a moron. He was unprepared, ventured off track, couldn’t handle a single insult thrown his way. It was like I was listening to a two year old throw a temper-tantrum.

His numbers started going back down. Yet, he continued to go to Twitter and insult one person after another – instead of trying to get a political message out to the people. I thought again, well, it can’t get any worse, right?

Boy, was I wrong. (


This man is disgusting. His attitudes toward women have always been disgusting. He has married three times and the stories of the marriages are tabloid fodder. He has expressed a weird fascination with the attractiveness of his own daughters.

But, this latest revelation is by far the worst. He is openly gleeful about his ability to sexually assault women because he has power.

If you continue to support this man, if you blow this off as no big deal, then you are saying, quite resoundingly, to every woman or girl you know, that men wanting to force themselves on them, is ok. You support the sexual assault on women.

“But, but, Bill Clinton!”

You are 100% right. Bill Clinton should get no pass. Neither should Hillary. Hillary did not assault the women, Bill did. But she helped him get away with it. She helped him destroy those women.

If you continue to support Hillary Clinton, you tell every woman or girl that if a man forces themselves on them, that is ok for them, the victim, to not be believed. To be denigrated. To be destroyed, not just by the attacker, but by the woman who goes to bed with him each night. You support the sexual assault on women, too.

I’ve been told if I don’t vote for Trump, I am voting for Clinton. If I don’t vote for Clinton, I am voting for Trump. That’s what the cults have taught you and I’ve had enough of that mentality.

I will counter that mentality with: If you vote for either, you are part of the problem. Men in power will continue to exploit women (if you think Bill or Donald still don’t, you’re fooling yourself). Women in bed with those men, will do all they can to retain the power they have – including making the victim out to be the one who is wrong.

Enough. This is not what our founders had in mind. Neither of these candidates deserve the office of President.

Enough. If you want to make a true stand, vote for none of them. People with morals have got to stop being led like lambs to a slaughter and voting for such denigrating, disgusting choices.