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This blog entry is in response to this Daily Post prompt:

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

Mel stopped abruptly by my desk, slightly out of breath and excitedly asked me, “Dude! Did you hear what happened?”

Inwardly, I groaned. I knew what was coming. “No, what’s going on?”

Senator Somhemmer! You haven’t heard? It’s everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, it’s even on LinkedIn!”

Well, don’t keep me in suspense, Mel! What is it?”

Mel’s face flushed with excitement as he prepared to tell me the story. “The Senator was at a college party the other night and was heard talking about planning to overtake the White House! He wants to start a revolution and throw the President out on his ear!”

I paused, momentarily trying to digest those words and make some sort of sense of them. “Mel. Slow down. That’s ridiculous! Let’s set the revolution part of the story aside for a moment. He was at a college party? A U.S. Senator? Does this even make sense to you?”

The chair to my right slowly turned around presenting Liam, one of my co-workers, who piped in, “Doug, it may sound weird, but it’s completely true.”

Really, Liam? How so?”

Liam turned back to his computer for a moment and brought up his Instagram account. “Check this out, my friend. I follow Renate Sadlow from the Daily Progressive on Instagram and she has pictures of the Senator at the college dorm from the same day!”

See, Doug! It’s all true!” Mel’s voice squeaked a bit as he pointed towards Liam’s computer screen.

Guys. Look at that picture. See the window he’s standing by? Does it look like it is dark to you? How many parties have you gone to in the middle of the afternoon? Where are all the other students? He standing on a stage, giving a speech, not planning a revolt at some frat party!”

My two co-workers just smirked at each other and turned back to me. Liam, as if he was talking to a young child, continued, “Doug, you really need to pay more attention to what’s going on in the world. There’s no way Renate Sadlow would have a picture on her Instagram account unless it was legitimate.”

I started to respond when Mel interrupted, “Plus, there’s more!”

Do tell, Mel.”

Mel walked over to Liam’s computer, “Mind if I check something, Liam?” Liam gave an affirmative nod and moved out of Mel’s way. Mel logged on to Twitter and brought up his account.

Check this out, Doug. I follow @Politics101 who follows @I_Hate_Libs who follows @ProgressivesRUs who follows @SSIntern! @SSIntern, Doug! @SSIntern!”

Am I supposed to know who that is?”

Mel rolled his eyes. “S.S.? Don’t you think that means ‘Senator Somhemmer’? As in the intern of Senator Somhemmer?”

Mel, even if that’s who that is, so what?”

Dude! She’s got a link to a recording of the night of the party!”

I sighed, knowing I couldn’t win. “Ok, let’s hear it.”

Mel bent over and clicked the link. A garbled recording began. There were several voices, each one seemingly intent on being louder than the other. Towards the end of record, a voice could be heard screaming, “We must fight! For the right! To pa…” and then the recording stops.

Mel and Liam looked at me expectantly. “Guys, I don’t get it.” I told them simply.

It was Liam’s turn to roll his eyes. “Didn’t that sound like the Senator?”

Dude, I don’t know. It didn’t sound like anybody to me. It sounded like someone singing the lyrics to an old Beastie Boys song.”

I could tell the two were getting annoyed. Mel tried one more time, “Doug, I have one more thing I can show you.”

I can hardly wait.”

He ignored me and opened up his Pinterest page. There on the right side was a t-shirt with the picture of the Senator that Liam had showed me earlier. Underneath was the caption: “We must Fight!”

See Doug? It’s right there, in black and white, on Pinterest!” Liam exclaimed.

Well, if it’s on Pinterest, it must be true, I guess.” With that, I walked away, leaving the two to ponder the wisdom of those words.