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A Sandwich With A Bit Of A Kick!

Posted by Doug White under Humorous

The United States of America is a wonderful place to live. It’s a place filled with wonder and variety and many unique tastes and flavors. And to honor such a place I can think of no better meal than the one I want to describe to you today.

This meal is going to seem real simplistic. First thing, you need to get yourself a knife and a spoon and two slices of bread. Then grab yourself a nice big jar of peanut butter. I prefer the creamy kind myself but if you like chunky, then more power to you!

Grab that knife and the peanut butter and get yourself a nice big slab and put it on one slice of the bread. When your done, take your finger and dip it in the jar and get a small little taste of peanut butter to enjoy while you work – but for goodness sake wash your hands afterwards!

Now, take that spoon and get yourself a jar of strawberry jelly. If you don’t have strawberry, you can use grape but I have to tell you, strawberry works best. Dip that spoon into the jelly and get a nice healthy spoonful of that strawberry goodness and rub it all over that second piece of bread.

You may think at this point you are done but you’re only 2/3 of the way there. Now comes the good part. Open up that refrigerator and grab a bottle of ketchup. Yes, a bottle of ketchup. Open up that bottle and place a nice big squirt of it right onto the bread with peanut butter. To finish it off, put the two pieces of bread together and woila! You know have your first Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich With Ketchup! (aka PBJK)

I have to admit, I created this little concoction when I was a young lad of about 7 or 8 in the heartland of this great country of ours. Growing up I loved ketchup. I ate ketchup on french fries, on fried eggs, I even ate it on plain macaroni. I loved ketchup! So it was only a natural progression for me to put it on another staple food in my childhood, Peanut Butter and Jelly.

It’s an acquired taste sure, but I strongly believe it could and should be the food of choice for our country. For starters, it’s a food item that kids by the thousands will devour! What kid doesn’t love PB&J? And ketchup? Man, most kids will eat ketchup on anything! So this is an easy sell for kids, I am sure of it.

Finally, it’s a healthy alternative. Just think about this for a minute. It’s got peanuts, so you have your protein. Then it has strawberries so you have your fruit. And finally it has tomatoes from the ketchup so you have your vegetables. Fruit, vegetables and some protein all in one food item? It really doesn’t get any better than this!

So tell your family and tell your friends. Tell all those you know and tell those you have never met! PBJK is the new American food of choice! No more saying, “it’s as American as Apple Pie”, now “It’s American as Peanut Butter and Jelly with Ketchup!”

NOTE: This was originally published by myself on my old HubPages account on 4/27/2009.