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A New Job

Posted by Doug White under Weekly Writing Challenge

This blog entry is in response to this Daily Post prompt:

Abraham woke up early, eager to begin his day. He had been anticipating this day for the last several weeks! He was sure that today was the day where his life really began to change for the better.

Grinning, he flung the covers off and leaped out of bed, startling his cat Jack from a deep slumber. The cat hissed in annoyance before leaping off the bed and out of the bedroom.

“Sorry, kitty, but I don’t want to be late!” he told the grumpy feline with a laugh before heading into the bathroom to get ready.

Today was his first day at PP4 and he couldn’t wait to start. He had grown up hearing about the organization and how influential they were across the country. He could hardly believe his good fortune in landing this job!

He had met with a recruiter from the company towards the end of his final semester in college. He remembered the meeting because it had been, well, rather strange. His major was in Public Relations but she seemed to be mostly interested in knowledge of the current political events in the country. He actually thought that he had failed at his chance to work for PP4 because he really didn’t know much about what was going on in the political world currently.

However, this seemed to please her as she nodded approvingly whenever he failed to answer a question about current events. “It’s ok, Mr. Jefferson. This is to be expected of someone your age.” she reassured him.

He stepped out of the bathtub, dried off and walked over to the sink to shave. He was careful not to cut himself. It wouldn’t do to have little pieces of toilet paper stuck to his neck to stop the bleeding from a careless shave!

“Especially before starting my job as a …” he said to himself before trailing off. He never did find out what they were planning on having him do at PP4!

“That’s kind of odd? How could I forget to ask that?” he wondered, “Ah well, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’d work in the mail room just to get into this place!”

He finished getting ready and headed into the kitchen. He pulled out a can of cat food and instantly Jack was by his side looking at him expectantly.

“Ha! You are so predictable!” he laughed. He put the food into Jack’s bowl and without so much as a glance of gratitude, Jack turned away from Abraham and started eating. He smiled, shook his head and got his own breakfast to eat.

He was just finishing up the dishes when he heard a knock on the door. Curious, he walked over and slowly opened the door, only to find him facing two somber looking men. Each was wearing a dark suit and tie with equally dark, tinted glasses.

“Yes? Can I help you?” he asked the two.

“Mr Jefferson? Abraham Jefferson?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“PP4 has sent us to pick you up, Mr. President.”

“President? Of what?” Abraham asked.

“The country, sir. Now if you would come with us, we can be on our way.”