I’d like to tackle a subject that I hadn’t really thought much about until recently and could get a little sticky.

In a previous hub, I mentioned that I was a Republican and conservative in nature. I am also a Christian (my spiritual denomination is Baptist). So I probably fall into the category that a lot of political pundits refer to when they talk about those who vote based of their spiritual/moral beliefs.

A colleague at work recently asked me if I ever thought that Christians who voted non-Republican are voting from a non-Christian point of view. This is something that I had never considered before and after giving it some thought, I can’t honestly say I know for sure, but individuals who fall into this category do give me pause.

One of the most fundamental issues I have on a conservative front is abortion. I cannot under any circumstances vote for someone who believes abortion is acceptable. In fact, when the news had indicated that John McCain was considering Tom Ridge as a VP candidate (who is pro-choice) I had made a decision I would not vote for McCain if that happened. I wouldn’t vote for Obama either (who in my opinion has pro-choice views that border close to selective breeding) but would have looked into an independent candidate at that point. The abortion issue is that strong for me and stems from my Christian upbringing that it is nothing short of murder.

Now, I know bringing up abortion could only make a sticky topic even stickier. But I am surprised that there would be a Christian individual who would be okay with abortion and vote for someone who is pro-choice. I find it hard to believe that as a Christian, you wouldn’t find abortion to be a sinful practice.

So, thinking about this some, I would have to think that those individuals who do vote for pro-choice candidates and are Christians do so because this issue is not as paramount to them. But this surprises me too. As a Christian, I have always tried to place moral issues as a top priority in my life and/or voting practices. I’m not saying that as a Christian that I’m not sinful, I certainly am, but just that I am constantly thinking about the moral side of things and try my best to deal with those things accordingly.

Another example, would be that I would have a difficult time voting for someone (Republican or Democrat) that has an infidelity problem as well. I do understand that people make mistakes and I will admit that McCain’s relationship with his first wife was not handled properly based on what I’ve read, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I don’t excuse infidelity in any form, but I do look at a mistake like that, if it has only happened once, in a completely different light then if it is a constant, recurring issue in an individual’s life. My voting would take this into account as well.

I know there are other moral issues as well to consider. And I’m sure that there are Christian Democrats out there who would argue things such as the Iraqi War could be looked at from a moral point of view too. Although I would argue that while there may be a debatable point on whether we should have gone there, the soldiers who went are part of a voluntary military and made a choice to be in the military, while babies who are aborted do not get any choice at all. So I realize that there are many different sides to this subject.

I would really like to hear back from anyone who is interested in commenting. I am seriously interested on people’s perspective on this. I would like to keep the comments though as non-heated as possible. I hope I have not come across as judgmental because to be honest, like I previously mentioned, I had never really considered this before. I eagerly await your responses.

NOTE: This was originally published by myself on my old HubPages account on 12/03/2008.

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