This whole Occupy Wall Street movement has honestly got me perplexed. For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what Occupy Wall Street is, don’t feel all that bad, as I’m becoming more of the mindset that many who actually are “occupying” Wall Street don’t really know what it is.

My general impression of this “movement” that started about a month or so ago is this.  A group of people have set up in a park in New York to protest the idea that 1% of our population supposedly makes more than the other 99% does altogether.  From there movements have started  across the country in various places including an “Occupy Sioux Falls” here locally.

From there, things get a little fuzzy for me.  What is the overall purpose of the protests?  Unclear.  What do they hope to accomplish besides being a general nuisance?  Not really sure.

These groups are protesting large corporate influences while basically feeding those very corporations the money they’re upset that the corporations have.  They do so by using their smart-phones (made by corporations) while they use social media (companies that earn huge profits) to protest.  They go to Starbucks (another corporation) to get that warm drink to stay warm in their non home-made tents (made by corporations) that they’ve set up to live in while they fight “the man”.  Unless they make their own clothes, food and shelters, they are protesting every aspect of life that they personally use which makes them in my mind extremely hypocritical.

Their heroes? Steve Jobs.  Michael Moore.  Alec Baldwin.   For a group that protests the rise of the “super-rich” and the effect they have on the down-trodden poor this is mind-boggling.

I watched my own Twitter feed on the day Jobs died and the very people who are all for this protest were almost in a state of mourning over a man who ran one of the biggest corporations out there.  One whose sole purpose was to design products to convince you to give them your money.

And Alec Baldwin, there’s one of the 99% for you.  A super-rich movie/TV star who makes money off those evil credit cards this group wants to protest (he’s a spokesperson for Capital One) and has a reputation for treating his own child like a piece of garbage.  This is a person that these people look up to.

And don’t even get me started on Michael Moore.  Michael Moore has made an enormous amount of money through capitalistic means to espouse his hatred of capitalism.  He also claims not to be one of the 1% which by any sane person’s definition he should be at the top of the 1% list.  There is no bigger hypocrite out in the world than Michael Moore.

Generally speaking, in some regards, the group has very similar complaints that the Tea Party have had.  Whether you’re a Tea Party member or an Occupy Wall Street person, neither group is thrilled by bailouts of companies that then in turn took that money and used it to simply reward people who caused the problems that they were being bailed out for.

But that‘s where the similarities end.  What did the Tea Party do?  They got people into office who hopefully will make a difference.  It’s not guaranteed but at least they’re trying.  Occupy Wall Street simply seems to want to hang out and protest.  For how long?  Again, not real clear.

And they seem to think they are above the law.  They think that they have the right to stay in a place for weeks, go into restaurants and disrupt business because they don’t like what the owner does, defecate on police cars and they think they can do so without consequence.  And when the police do get involved they scream brutality and yell about how the police are supposedly not following the rules of civility when they themselves show no civility whatsoever.

It is so funny to me how this group is being portrayed.  When the Tea Party group was formed, the media went berserk and started accusing the group of having racist overtones – without ONE ounce of proof.  But like I’ve said before, when accusing one of racism in this country, you don’t need proof anymore, the accusation enough is all it takes.

The Occupy Wall Street group has repeatedly showed disregard for other people’s rights or the law in general and the media are trying to make this protest into some sort of positive liberal revolution and paint anyone who may have a concern with large groups of people trying to usurp the rights of others as being paranoid and unreasonable.

Do I think every person in these groups has a desire to cause problems for others?  Absolutely not.  But I think a lot do.  Plus I think the number of people in this group who are hoping for something violent to happen are growing.

I try very hard to be open-minded about other people’s points of view.  I am a strong conservative but I have no problem with someone with a strong liberal point of view.  But this group scares me to death.  I am absolutely convinced that this group is going to cause a repeat of Kent State from Vietnam days.  With the advent of social media and the internet I think that it will actually be much worse than Kent State ever could be and I think violence is going to erupt nationwide.

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope that when winter hits a lot of these people will decide to stop this Occupy Wall Street nonsense and go back to “occupying” wherever it is they came from.  But with each passing day my hope in being wrong is dwindling.

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