Doug WhiteI have always enjoyed writing from a very young age.  Also, as anyone who knows me will attest, I’m very opiniated.  Several years ago, I had read a column in the Opinion section of the newspaper from the town I lived in.  In this letter, the man was discussing some of the horrible situations that had occurred that summer where babies had been accidentally locked in a hot car by absent-minded (or just plain negligent) parents.  The letter went further though to indicate this man’s belief that this issue was primarily happening to fathers and his premise seemed to even go further to indicate that fathers are not as capable of caretakers as mothers are.

As a father of two myself, I found this highly offensive and wrote a letter to the editor saying so.  I was telling some friends of mine at work that week what I had done and they teased me a little and asked me if I was planning to start my own column in the paper.  They even joked that I should call it “The White Papers”. 

Despite the fact they were teasing me, I actually considered the idea.  I contacted the Editor of the paper and asked him if such a thing was possible.  Amazingly enough, he said yes and for four years, I wrote a monthly article for this paper on whatever topic I wanted.  I did not get paid all that much, but I found the experience to be amazing. 

I no longer live in that town, but I wanted to explore another arena for writing.  I’ve played around with other blogs and sites, but have decided now to branch out on my own and see if I can utilize my programming skills with my writing skills.  I am still good friends with the friends I mentioned previously and “The White Papers” joke still comes up from time to time in our discussion.  With this being my first attempt to branch out on my own, I felt the name was only fitting!

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